Things to do Izmir

The Best Activities to Do in Izmir 2023

Izmir is a fascinating city located in western Turkey, on the coast of the Aegean Sea. With its rich history, magnificent natural beauties and vibrant cultural atmosphere, İzmir offers many unforgettable experiences to its visitors.

The first stop on your to-do list in Izmir should be the historical Alsancak district. This area is located in the heart of the city and is famous for its lively streets, restaurants and shops. Kordon, a hiking trail located on the coastline of Alsancak Kordonboyu, is the perfect spot for a nice evening stroll.

Konak Square is one of the most famous squares in Izmir and houses the historical Clock Tower. This symbolic building has become the symbol of the city and there are many cafes, restaurants and shops around it.

If you are interested in historical and cultural riches, you should visit the Izmir Archeology Museum. Here, valuable artifacts and archaeological finds from ancient times are exhibited. In addition, the Ancient City of Agora is one of the most important archaeological sites of Izmir and offers visitors the opportunity to explore the ruins of the ancient Roman period.

The natural beauties of İzmir are waiting to be discovered. Located in the delta of the Küçük Menderes River, Bird Sanctuary is an ideal place for bird watchers. Here, you can watch different bird species and feel the peace of nature. Also, Cesme, which is close to Izmir, is famous for its magnificent beaches, clean sea and windsurfing.

You shouldn’t go back without trying the flavors unique to Izmir. There are many restaurants and cafes in Kordonboyu and around Konak Square. Here, you can taste appetizers with olive oil, seafood and various tastes from Aegean cuisine. Also, you should definitely try the crunchy bagels that Izmir calls its famous “boyoz” and “gevrek”.

Finally, you can visit the Izmir Fair as a complement to your to-do list in Izmir.


Ephesus Ancient City

House of the Virgin Mary

Bergama Asklepion

Temple of Artemis

Agora of Smyrna

Kemeraltı Bazaar


Konak Square

  • Among the historical places worth seeing in İzmir are the Ancient City of Ephesus, the Ancient City of Agora and the Ancient City of Sardes.

There are magnificent beaches in the surrounding areas of İzmir such as Çeşme, Alaçatı and Urla.

  • You can attend various festivals such as Izmir International Fair, Izmir Film Festival and Izmir Jazz Festival.

  • You can explore natural beauties such as Karaburun Peninsula and Dilek Peninsula National Park in Izmir Bay.

  • You can visit popular shopping centers such as Kemeraltı Bazaar, Agora Shopping Center and Optimum Outlet in İzmir.

  • You can try water sports such as sailing, windsurfing and diving in Izmir.

  • I recommend you to taste local delicacies such as seafood, appetizers with olive oil, boyoz and crispy in Izmir.

  • You can visit museums such as İzmir Archeology Museum, İzmir Atatürk Museum and Ege University Archeology Museum.

  • You can attend concerts, theater performances, exhibitions and sports events in İzmir. You can follow the events held in İzmir Arena and İzmir Kültürpark.

Izmir is a city famous for its nightlife.